"D . R . P . S ."
Dual Regulated Power Supply





Our new amplifier Control B is a surprising quality fitting, its low price and its little size could let think that it is an ordinary apparatus, we thought that it was necessary to give it more pretigious features by reinforcing its power supply device.

Now the "control B" is avalable with the "Dual regulated power supply".

That power supply totally electronically regulated, includes 3 tubes, 1 rectifier 5Y3 provides the direct current to the regulation device constituted by a low internal impedance tetrode 6Y6 working with a sharp cut off pentode EF 184 which issues the amplification of the error signal.

The whole fitting allows to maintain the power supply of the preamplifier perfectly constant even if the main curent varied 
between 170 V and 260 V.

The power supply id holded in a 2 mm steel sheet housing ventilation loles widely provided with.

The front plate calling to mind the look of "control B" is constituted by a 10 mm champagne coloured aluminium plate finely burnished and brushed.





TUBES 1 x 5Y3
1 x 6Y6
1 x 6EJ7
Weight 8 Kg


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